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Installations in dwellings

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia publishes in the book “Installations in the Dwellings” the final results of the 2022 Census of Population, Households and Dwellings on the availability of electric energy, water supply, sewage disposal, heating and piped gas installations, by municipalities and cities. This book contains also a detailed overview of data by types of water supply system, sewage disposal system and heating.


The data of the 2022 Census, in the Republic of Serbia 3 589 611 dwellings had available electric energy installations, accounted for 99.3% of the total number of enumerated dwellings. Water supply installations are available in 3 421 362 dwellings (94.7%), аnd sewage disposal installations are available in 3 416 381 dwellings (94.6%). There are 1 829 990 dwellings with heating installations (50.6%), while 404 405 dwellings (11.2%) are connected to piped gas.

Оf the total number of enumerated dwellings 2.7 million (75%) have public water supply installations, while 20% of dwellings have installations, which are connected to a rural/local water supply system, pneumatic pump, etc. There are 2 052 994 (57%) dwellings are connected to the public sewage disposal system, while the installations in 38% of dwellings are connected to a septic tank, river, canal, etc. Heat delivered from the public/local heating plant is used by 718 467 dwellings (20%), while district heating is present in 31% of enumerated dwellings. Almost half of dwellings (46%) do not have installed heating installations.


Book S4 - Installations in dwellings

Table - Number of apartments according to installation equipment and basis of use

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