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Households and Dwellings on the number of dwellings by type of buildings, year of construction and floor

The data of the 2022 Census indicate that 2 360 273 were enumerated in family houses with one and two dwellings, accounting for 65.3% of the total number of enumerated dwellings. In residential buildings with three or more dwellings there are 1 250 361 dwellings (34.6%), while 2 718 belong to buildings for collective living and to non-residential buildings

Observed by year of construction, in the period after the year 2000, 644 375 enumerated dwellings were built mostly in Beogradski region (231 773), аnd the smallest number in Region Južne i Istočne Srbije (94 553). The most numerous ones are those built from 1961 to 1989 (1 217 457 dwellings), while 290 559 dwellings were enumerated in the category of the oldest ones (built before 1946), the largest percentage being in Region Vojvodine.  

In the Republic of Serbia, 2 282 483 dwellings (63.2%) are located on ground floors of buildings. In multi-storey buildings, most of the dwellings are located from the first to the fourth floor, 1 073 162, while on the floors above the fourth there are 189 175 dwellings. Less than 2% of dwellings (68 532) were enumerated on basement and attic level, most of them in Belgrade municipalities.  


Table 1 - Dwellings by type of building and year of construction, by municipalities and cities

Table 2 - Dwellings according to the location of the apartment in the building (floors), by municipalities and cities  

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